A human’s lifetime is a short one. I believe it only makes sense, that everyone should experience everything the world has to offer. Happiness and suffering. Wonders and horrors. Luxury and modesty.

As much as I try to control my lust for currency, it is an inevitable fate. Call me shallow, but lets put it this way, if the world around you survives through chasing cats, you’d do the same at some point. Same goes with money. The craving to HAVE and to DO is hard to ignore in this materialistic society.

That being said, I am always on the look out on alternative methods to earn more. Yes, like 80% of the population, I have a day time job that pays ENOUGH. Why did I emphasise on ‘enough’? To me, enough simply means to not worry about the future. To be able to live, see, do and experience life with no repercussions whilst doing so. To some it may mean to survive the present, to some it may mean much more.


All the while since I’ve felt the need to get my hands on more money, I have been actively searching for opportunities. Currently I have two, Entrepreneurship and Investments. Lets start with the latter.

Investing, just another word for gambling you say? Yes and no. The line between investing and gambling is ever so thin, and it’s getting thinner. With the least amount of capital, trading Forex seems to be the clearest choice when looking for an investment option. I have been trading Forex for close to a decade now and I’m not even 30, I have made some but lost more. Was it worth it? Yes it is.

I have learnt so much while dabbling into Forex and now Stocks, Options and CFD. Emotions(Greed and Fear) turn investing into gambling. Many hours of market research amounts to nothing when you can’t manage your emotions. And it all comes down to money management, something I wish schools would teach.

I will post my experiences on entrepreneurship another time.


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