A simple thought, which took root and grew into something more.

Beat procrastination.

It all started from an innocent post from Facebook, on Why People Procrastinate and How to Beat Procrastination. (Links below)

I have to admit, amongst many other reasons, procrastination has to be ranked the highest for the many wrong decisions and failures that occurred. It is always easy to push the blame onto a single descriptive word, until you realise how a simple word is destroying your life.

The awakening of the dormant giant. Motivation.

Passion is nothing without Motivation. My single passion has always been with learning and experiencing whatever the world has to offer. I learn and pick things up really fast, and it doesn’t have to even be something I’m interested in. Thats where Motivation comes in with a tight slap! The curve always starts well above the line and drops to nothing at the end.

Procrastination aggressively smoke screens my motivation to do anything at all.

So hereon, it begins. The ultimate battle to beat procrastination.



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